Partition of Land


  1. Where to apply
  • To the concerned Taluka office of Dy. Collector & SDM
  1. Documents to be attached and fees payable
  • No Fees required for application form
  1. Detailed procedure after application
  • A decree holder or a co-holder of land can apply for partition on plain paper under section 61 of Land Revenue Code along with following documents:-
  • Latest Form I and XIV duly mutated in the name of the applicant (1 original + 1 attested / notarised) *
  • Site plan i.e. plan showing the area to be partitioned (1 original +1 Xerox). Superimposed plan of area to be partitioned.
  • Survey Plan (1 original + 1 Xerox).
  • Title / Ownership documents e.g. Sale deed etc. (1 notarised/attested + 1 Xerox).
  • Form I &XIV: Application on plain paper with Rs.5/- court fees stamp stating village name and survey number. (office of the Mamlatdar)
  • After scrutiny, Notices to concerned opponents in the said From 1 & XIV form is issued.
  • If no objection are received from the opponents then First order is issued directing Inspector of Survey and Land Records (ISLR) of concerned Taluka for demarcation of plot after paying necessary fees i.e area wise.
  • Once the report is issued by ISRL office final order is issued by Concerned Dy. Collector & SDM office
  1. Time line
  • Once the application is received within 15 days of application notices and proclamation are issued.


Location : Dy. Collector & SDM Office | City : Panaji | PIN Code : 403001